Oracle DBA Tips and Techniques

By Arjun Raja

Recreate online redo logs and standby logs

Posted by Gavin Soorma on June 29, 2009

In a DATAGUARD ENVIRONMENT, If online redologs are resized, the standby logs also need to be resized to match the online redo logs in the Primary database.


1. Drop and recreate online redologs on the PRIMARY site.

2. On primary site, create the standby controlfile –

alter database create standby controlfile as ‘/tmp/standby01.ctl’;

3. Copy the standby control file to standby site…

4. Cancel recovery, shutdown immediate the standby database.

5. Startup and mount the standby database -using the new standby controlfile.

5. Defer recovery until standby logs are created..…do not start managed recovery.

6. Add the standby logs with same size as Primary online redologs.

7. The online logs on the standby side will be created at switchover time so no need to do anything now.

8. Start recovery on standby site..

To recreate ONLY the STANDBY logs only…follow from point 2 above.


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