Oracle DBA Tips and Techniques

By Arjun Raja

RMAN unregister database from catalog

Posted by Gavin Soorma on July 7, 2009

1. Go to the database you wish to unregister and get its DBID:

system@HERML> select dbid,name from v$database;

—————– ——————————
2082566940 HERML

2. Connect to the recovery catalog-owning schema and determine the DB_KEY of the database in the recovery catalog:

rman10@RMAN10P> select db_key,dbid,name from rc_database
2 where dbid = 2082566940;

—————– —————– ——————————
555419843 2082566940 HERML

3. Use the dbms_rcvcat.unregisterdatabase procedure to unregister the database from the recovery catalog (this procedure takes the DB_KEY and the DB_ID that we just found as parameters)

— The syntax for the procedure is:
— dbms_rcvcat.unregisterdatabase(db_key,db_id);
In recovery catalog schema –

execute dbms.rcvcat.unregisterdatabase(555419843,2082566940);


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