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By Arjun Raja

INS-07003 Unexpected error occured while accessing the bean store

Posted by Arjun Raja on February 27, 2011

Installation of 11g rel2 ( on AIX throws the following error – [ INS-07003] Unexpected error occured while accessing the bean store- this is the fix to avoid this error.

./runInstaller …

(Embedded image moved to file: pic32494.gif)

You can continue and the installation does go through but to avoid this warning, this is the workaround -.

First of all make a copy of the unix login users .profile.

cp .profile .profile.bkup

Then edit the .profile.

The $PS1 variable and other variables like the ones below must be hashed out before commencing the installation ….

# Command Prompt Setup
#Red=”33[31m” # PROD/PROD DR
#Yellow=”33[33m” # OAT/OAT DR
#Blue=”33[34m” # UAT
#Cyan=”33[36m” # TRN
#Green=”33[32m” # DEV/SIT/TEST
#NC=”33[0m” # No Colour
# Change two colour variables below to match LPAR env
#MESSAGE=`echo “$Green$BoldON”`
#NOMESSAGE=`echo “$Green$BoldOFF$NC”`

Save the .profile and open a new session –

echo $PS1 – you must receive a blank response.

Now start the installer again

./runInstaller …….next screen appears without any warnings…

(Embedded image moved to file: pic07596.gif)

Once complete, restore the original .profile so that future sessions are back to normal.

mv .profile.bkup .profile


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