Oracle DBA Tips and Techniques

By Arjun Raja


Posted by Arjun Raja on March 14, 2011

To query the management aliases used by Storage team –

dsmc q mgmt

One of the parameters in place is

MgmtClass Name : RET7YRS
Description : Retain Archive for 7 years

Retain backups for 7 years.

dsmc archive -archmc=RET7YRS -description=”test_backup”
“/ora_export_2/backup/u01/*.*” -su=yes >> test_copy.logs

Once backup is completed….

dsmc query archive -description=”testfin_backup”
“/ora_export_2/backup/u01/*.*” -su=yes >> testfin_archive.logs

view testfin_archive.logs

Node Name: XXXXXXX_X
Session established with server TSMPROD3: Windows
Server Version 5, Release 5, Level 5.0
Server date/time: 03/14/11 13:54:03 Last access: 03/14/11 13:52:25

Size Archive Date – Time File – Expires on – Description
—- ——————- ——————————-
0 B 03/14/11 13:32:33 /ora_export_2/backup/u01/test.dbf 03/12/18 testfin_backup

To restore files –

dsmc retrieve archive -description=”testfin_backup” “/ora_export_2/backup/u01/*.*” -su=yes >> testfin_archive.logs


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