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By Arjun Raja

12c Cloud Control Unzip fails.

Posted by Arjun Raja on January 24, 2012


The 12c cloud control software unzip fails with the usual errors.

Metalink note -1368910.1 guides you to use a specific unzip utility – link provided in note.

I tried that – copied the unzip_aix utility and uncompressed it on the AIX server and tried to unzip the software using this unzip_aix file.

Still does not work.

:/u01/oracle/stage/cloudcontrol> ./unzip_aix unzip: can’t find, or, so there.

The reason is that this unzip utility is a 32 bit unzip utility and does not work for zip files over 2 gb in size..

Test –

On the same server use the unzip_aix utility provided by Oracle’s link and unzip a file less than 2 gb …

:/u01/oracle/stage> ls -lrt
-rw-r—– 1 oracle dba 33849859 Dec 22 09:10

:/u01/oracle/stage> ./unzip_aix
creating: OPatch/
creating: OPatch/docs/
inflating: OPatch/docs/FAQ
inflating: OPatch/docs/Users_Guide.txt
inflating: OPatch/docs/Prereq_Users_Guide.txt

Works !

Therefore there is no need to waste time downloading this unzip file from

Simply download the 64 bit version from

The file is called unzip-64bit-6.0-3.aix5.1.ppc.rpm

Get your unix admin to extract this .rpm file and replace the existing default unzip file on the server with this file.

Now try to unzip the cloud control software –

It will work.


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