Oracle DBA Tips and Techniques

By Arjun Raja

emctl config agent addinternaltargets – to discover targets manually in Oracle 12c Cloud Control

Posted by Arjun Raja on March 18, 2013

If for any reason you lose an agent in the cloud console area and want to discover targets manually from the command line- login to the agent server and run the following from the agent home/bin

This is a replacement for the agentca -d command issued in Oracle 10g and 11g grid control.

cd $AGENT_HOME/bin

1. Stop and start the OMS:

./emctl stop oms

./emctl start oms

2. Secure the Management Agent:

./emctl secure agent

3. Add the targets:

./emctl config agent addinternaltargets

4. Upload the targets:

./emctl upload agent


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